Too Cute

” It’s a beautiful day today. Can we go outside?”


” Ok, let’s go into town.”

” Yeeesss, I love to go by Strassenbahn.”

” Did you have fun last night?” Pomi and I were sitting on the tram heading for the city center.


” It was interesting although most of what was being said I had heard before. Still, I am glad I went. And I bought another book.”

” Another book? How do you expect to fit all those books into your suitcase? You will end up having too much luggage and you may have to leave things behind.”

I looked at Pomi.

“You may have to leave heavy things behind.  You may have to leave me behind,” he continued.


” You can’t be serious? You are not heavy and even if you were  I would never leave you behind. So don’t worry!  How about some coffee? A croissant maybe? To take your mind off such unhappy  thoughts.”

” No croissant for me but you go ahead .”

We walked into a rather stylish cafe and looked around. Pomi chose a corner table.

” Why do you want to sit in the corner?” I asked  my little crochet guy.

” I like corners, there is something cozy about them.”

A foldable menu was standing on each table and Pomi sat down behind the menu as if it was a paravent screen.


” What are you doing Pomi? Come out of there. And please take off your jacket.”

” I am staying right here. And I am leaving the jacket on because I may have to run for the door any moment. Look around you. This place is packed with middle aged women, most of them alone. Lonely ladies! Can you imagine what would happen if they saw me?”

” Nothing, I suppose.”

” Wrong! They would start squeaking:  ‘Oh look isn’t he cute!’  And they would want to touch me and hold me and hug me. Some would probably even want to kiss me.” Pomi looked almost disgusted. “Believe me, I am in no mood for that so please let me sit here behind the menu, out of everyone’s sight.  You go ahead and enjoy your coffee and croissant.”

Which I did. I tried to persuade my little crochet guy to come out from behind the menu but he refused.  I guess he did have a point. Because :  he is just too cute!”