“Good morning Pomi!” “Good morning!” “Did you sleep well?” “Yes.” “The rain banging on the roof did not wake you up?” “Rain?” Pomi jumped out of the cradle and headed towards the window.… Continue reading

May I Have This Dance ?

” I am happy!” Pomi was bouncing around the room twisting his hips and swaying his arms.   ” I can see you are. You don’t usually dance around like that. What’s the… Continue reading

On Geckos

Under the bougainvillea  there was  my little Pomi  examining  something. From far I could not make out what it was. It looked like a bit of dirt but as I came closer I… Continue reading

Better Safe Than Sorry

I want to make sure that the new ginger shoot will grow and not break like the previous one. A sad sight. Let me move the flower pot aside a bit. Feel free… Continue reading


You should have seen Heike the other day all excited holding a hand of ginger up and asking everyone: “Did you see this?”  ‘This’ was a tiny green shoot that had started to… Continue reading


I went upstairs early. I wanted  to hose down the windows before breakfast.  Through the glass I saw Pomi. He was sitting on the stool  looking out of the window, munching away on… Continue reading

Bird Watching

“Heike says I have gained weight. Rubbish. She shrank my pants but does  not want to admit it. In any case, I am not going to talk to her today. Up one size?… Continue reading

Up One Size

“What are you doing in the watering can?” ” Waiting for my clothes to be ready. What took you so long?’ Looking at Pomi in the watering can I had to pull myself… Continue reading

Picking Flowers

I did not sleep too well that night. Pomi had been right after all. There had been too much of everything in that salad.  Definitely too much salt. I had been up almost… Continue reading

Eating Out

“Pomi!” “What?” Sitting on a stained glass picture that was hanging in the window of my workroom Pomi  was dangling dangerously in the air. ” You still have not told me how you… Continue reading