Picking Flowers

I did not sleep too well that night. Pomi had been right after all. There had been too much of everything in that salad.  Definitely too much salt. I had been up almost all night drinking what seemed like gallons of water. First thing in the morning  I went up to the roof to get some fresh air.

I can’t say I was too surprised to see Pomi there but what was he doing scrambling about in my Bougainvillea?

He was so absorbed in whatever it was that he was doing that he did not notice me. From the Bougainvillea he hurried to the Hibiscus bush grabbed a branch and began to climb. I was holding my breath while Pomi climbed all the way up the Hibiscus pausing at each flower to examine it.

Then he moved on to the next until after having looked at one flower for a long time he grabbed it and broke the stem. Holding the flower in one hand and with the other clinging to a branch Pomi looked towards the ground  apparently contemplating the way down. That was when he saw me. He looked more than disappointed.

” What are you doing here?”

” Well I was going to enjoy the early morning air. I am sorry if I disturbed you!”

” You did not disturb me! You just ruined the surprise.”  Pomi looked unhappy.  ” Can you help me down?”

” The surprise?” I held out my hand and Pomi jumped landing lightly on my outstretched palm.

” Yes! This!” He held the flower he had just picked off the Hibiscus bush out to me.

” Very pretty! What a lovely surprise.” I looked into Pomi’s cute little face.

” Not much of a surprise now.” My crocheted climber replied still looking rather unhappy.

” Can you put me down?” he asked. I bent down and Pomi jumped off the palm of my hand to the floor.  Flower in hand he ran towards my workroom. There the glass of water that I always keep on my desk was somehow sitting on the floor and Pomi knelt down and placed the flower in the  water.

Then he turned around to me and said: ” Now! This was supposed to be your surprise!”

” How beautiful!” I knelt down next to Pomi and admired the orange coloured blossom.

” I know you prefer pink but you have no nice pink flowers on the roof , the bougainvillea is too pink and besides its  actual flowers are white and so tiny.”

”  Well I love this one. It has a very pretty color. A delicate shade of orange with a hint of pink.  But you still have not told me what I did that made you get up early and pick a flower for me.”

” Caesar. It is all Caesar’s fault. He lent his name to the salad that made you  stay up all night and drink liters of water.”

” How did you know?”

” I heard you rummaging  about.  I did warn you though.” And there he smiled again.

”  Well I guess you did.  And I should have listened to you. But you see, then I would not have received this beautiful surprise. The flower is gorgeous! I love it! Thank you Pomi.”

” I am glad you like it! But  I am hungry now. Can you make me some salad ?” He grinned .

” Very funny! And no! No salad. I have got something much better. But wait a minute! Look at you! You tore you trousers and got yourself all dirty. Take off your clothes. I will wash them while you have breakfast.”

” Can I say no?”

” No, you cannot say no. Get out of those dirty clothes. You will get them back soon.”