Up One Size

“What are you doing in the watering can?”

” Waiting for my clothes to be ready. What took you so long?’ Looking at Pomi in the watering can I had to pull myself together not to burst out laughing.

” Here are your things.” I smiled. “And it did not take that long. Please get out of that watering can and let me help you get dressed. ”

” I can manage thank you. Just put everything  on the floor and turn around.”

” Excuse me?”

” Would you please put my clean clothes on the floor and then turn around.”

” Why?”

” Because I do not want you to see me naked!”

” Pomi, do I have to remind you that I crocheted you. So I know what you look like.”

” Things change. Please turn around.”

I put Pomi’s shirt and trousers on the floor and turned away. I could hear him climbing out of the watering can. Then it was silent.

” You shrank the pants!” Pomi suddenly burst out. “They are too  small on me. You shrank my trousers.” Pomi was trying frantically  to fit into the crocheted  blue garment.

” No I did not.”

” You did too! They are small on me!  And turn around!  Do not look  at me! You shrank my trousers! What am I going to do?”

” As a matter of fact I made you a new pair.”

” You did what? You already made me a new pair. Why didn’t you say so right away. Where is it?”

I gave him the new pair of trousers. ” Don’t worry, I am not looking.” I chuckled.

” So you knew you shrank the old ones then?”

” No, I just saw that you tore them so I thought I make you a new pair.”

” They look exactly like the ones I had.”

” Yes, they do, just one size bigger. But tell me, how did you gain weight?”

” Who says I did?”

” I do.”

” What do you know about my weight?”

” Well, I could not help noticing that you started having a bit of a tummy.”

” What tummy?”

” That tummy!” I pointed at Pomi’s midsection.

” I don’t have a tummy!”

” Well, apparently you do because the old trousers were too tight. I wonder how you put on that much weight?”

“THAT  much weight?”

” You went up one size?”

Pomi lifted up his shirt and looked at his tummy.

Then he looked at me and smiled.