A trip

” I am going to visit my daughter today and you are coming with me?” ” Says who”? ” Says I !” ” I don’t feel like going!” ” Oh come on. It… Continue reading

One yoga mat

One of my friends was concerned Pomi and I might get into each others way using the same yoga mat. I assured her there was nothing to worry about and that there is… Continue reading

Adho Mukha Svanasana

One of the good things about living in a place where the sun shines at least three hundred days a year is that you can almost always practice yoga outside in the early… Continue reading

Pomi the Poet

“And? Are you ready?” Pomi was sitting high up on my dress form conquering my attention.   ” How did you get up there?” I asked. ” Why do you want to know?”… Continue reading

While Pomi was …

While Pomi was fast asleep I  finished a few sewing projects and went to bed. I expected to find him still asleep when I walked into my work room the next morning but… Continue reading

New Sheets

“Ok, I will make new sheets for you.” “You will make them? Good. I get to choose the fabric! No pink, no red or purple, no flowers, no cartoon characters, no ……” I… Continue reading

When I walked i…

When I walked into my workroom the next morning Pomi was not on my desk where I had left him.  I looked around but  could not see him anywhere.  I let my eyes… Continue reading

“Why don’t yo…

“Why don’t you start a blog?’ my friend Michaela asked me not too long ago. It was a beautiful summer morning and we were having breakfast at her favorite cafe when she once… Continue reading