A trip

” I am going to visit my daughter today and you are coming with me?”

” Says who”?

” Says I !”

” I don’t feel like going!”
” Oh come on. It will be fun. Besides my daughter would like to meet you and so would my grandson.’

” Your grandson! He  is a baby.”

” Yes he is.”

” I am afraid of small children.”

” What is there to be afraid of?”

” He will want to play with me. Do you know what that means?” Pomi looked at me, alarmed.

” Well I suppose it would not be too much fun for you but don’t worry, I will make sure that you are safe.” Pomi still looked worried but he agreed to come and hopped into my bag.

In the car he climbed out and sat on the dashboard.

“That is not very safe!” I  warned him.

” Don’t talk to me about safety!” Pomi grinned.

My crochet companion spent the day exploring and my daughter and I did not see much of him. Back home Pomi and I sat down and talked for a while.

” So tell me Pomi, did you have a nice day?”

” It was ok.  If you don’t mind spending most of the day in a bag.”

” I thought you explored my daughter’s home.”

” Well I did. ”

” And?”

 ” I liked the pictures in the baby’s room.

  And I liked the rocking chair.

  But what about all those tigers and lions?   And snakes. Not enough you made that sleeve snake, no, there was another snake there, a bright green one that was supposed to be attached to the crib. How do you expect children to sleep at night when they know they will awake to the sight of wild animals and devious reptiles? ”

” Anything else ?”

” A giant ant that sounds off when you touch it. A bright red ball with an angry face.”

” Angry Bird.”

” A very uncomfortable pillow!”

” A pillow?”

” Yes, there was a pillow, but it was so uncomfortable.  There were stones in it.”

I could not help laughing. Pomi had obviously tried my grandson’s little grape seed pillow. 

” Grape seeds, they are grape seeds, the stones in that little pillow and it is not a pillow to rest your head on.”

” What good is a pillow if you cannot sleep on it?”

” You warm it up and put it on a baby’s tummy when the baby has a tummy ache. One could make them in shapes other than pillows.”

” Oh yes, how about snakes and lions?” My little Pomi smiled maliciously.

We talked for a while longer and Pomi  told me how afraid he had been when I helped him out of my bag and my grandson saw him.

” He spotted me right away. And he wanted to grab me.”

” Of course he did. He is a little boy of nine months and he is curious.”

” And strong. Did you see those hands?”

” A baby’s hands, yes Pomi. But you see, everything went well, you crept back into my bag and you were safe and you are home now.”

” Which is where I am going to stay from now on. ”