Snow at last

Pomi’s prayers were answered and  the next morning a thick blanket of snow covered the world outside. I tried to wake my little crochet doll: “Pomi!” ” What? I am tired. I want… Continue reading


“Do you think it is going to snow?” ” No, I don’t think so. We always hoped for snow in December but  snow never came.  Year after year  December would be rainy and… Continue reading

Going Away

We arrived at the airport far too early and sat down in the boarding lounge to wait. Pomi looked out of the window admiring the planes  but got fed up with it pretty… Continue reading

New Clothes

” I have got a surprise for you my little crochet doll.” ” Would it be too much to ask not to call me crochet doll. My name is Pomi.” ” Oh I… Continue reading

Pomi and Nutella

” What are you reading?” “The paper. ” “This is not a paper. ” ” You are right, it is not. It is a newsmagazine. ” “Can I read it? ” ” Feel… Continue reading

A Snail in the House

” Look!” Pomi shouted and his little voice sounded excited.  “Look what I found!”  He pointed at the opening in the wall where we had planned to put a cat flap and never… Continue reading

Pockets for Pomi?

“What are you doing?  Destroying perfectly intact garments again!”             ” I am cutting the pockets out of these children’s trousers.” ” Why? “Because a small child does… Continue reading


“Manly?  I know how to be manly.  Look!” Pomi  got up and started  to strike bodybuilding poses.  Holding his arms at almost right angles  he bent his knees and tensed his legs. “It… Continue reading


The rain finally stopped and the weather turned beautiful again. Pomi spent  a lot of time on the roof playing football. I was pretty impressed with his skills. There he was running from… Continue reading


It rained for a long time and Pomi spent most of the morning looking outside. “Would you like some cake?” “Ok.” “Pink cake?” Pomi looked at me unsure.   “Pink cake, a pink… Continue reading