Olandskizzenbuch Vol.3

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” What are you looking at?” ” Olandskizzenbuch. Landscape sketches.” ” Can I take a look? Wow,  beautiful!” ” Aren’t they? ” ” Where is that?” ” The sketches depict the landscape and… Continue reading

Cilantro Angst

” Didn’t you say we’re out of cilantro?” Pomi looked at the bowl of salad I had placed before him. ” I popped down to the greengrocer’s.” ” You didn’t have to!” My… Continue reading

Summer is not over yet

Another hot summer morning. Pomi is very silent these days. I set up a little pool for him and floating in the water in a sandwich box my little crochet darling lounges the… Continue reading

Political Correctness

Pomi finally put the postcards away and turned his attention towards my collection of books.                 ” Anything in particular you are looking for?” ” Something… Continue reading

Pomi, Postcards and Postcrossing

” Can I help you Mr. Pomi?” ” I am looking for my cap.”  ” In my chest of drawers?” ” I’ve looked everywhere else.”  ” Darling, that’s my ….”.  Pomi did not… Continue reading

Happy Birthday

” Candles?” ” Happy birthday to you! How was your day?” ” Ok. ” ” Just ok?” ” Yes, a birthday is not a big deal you know.  Not for me anyway. I… Continue reading


” I’m glad we’re home!” Pomi sighed and stepped out of my bag. ” Was it that bad? ” ” The woman at the next table was annoying. She did nothing but complain.… Continue reading

A New Day

The following day I woke up very early. It was still dark outside but the air was filled with  bird song. They sing louder in the morning, maybe because there are less competing… Continue reading

Gloomy Pomi

” You’re awfully quiet these days, my little darling. What’s going on?”  ” Nothing.” ” Are you sure?” ” Yes!” ” But you look sad.” ” I am fine.” ” Is there anything… Continue reading