Summer is not over yet

Another hot summer morning. Pomi is very silent these days. I set up a little pool for him and floating in the water in a sandwich box my little crochet darling lounges the summer away.










” Why don’t you float on the lid instead?”

” I don’t think I can keep my balance on it and I might end up getting wet.”

” You are not made of sugar.”

” Nope. Cotton. Fiberfill stuffing. Soaks up water like a sponge. If I get wet I will surely drown. I would be lost to this world forever.”


” Don’t worry, you have me to rescue you. Don’t you want to jump into the water at least once?”

” No!”

” It could be fun.”

” Why don’t you jump into the water?”

” The pool is too small.”

” The pool isn’t too small!” Pomi grinned his mischievous little grin. “You are too big,” he broke into a  giggle.

” Aren’t you in a good mood this morning?”

” Yes I am. Summer is almost over.”


” I thought you loved summer.”

” I do. I mean I did. But I do not love it any more. I got tired of it. So has everyone else, it seems. The birds have gone silent, the lizards have disappeared, the flowers look like they won’t be able to take the heat much longer. Even those resilient ants seem to have had enough. They are gone. Haven’t you noticed? Don’t you miss them in your kitchen fighting you for the sugar bowl?”

” I can’t say I do.

” Anything in particular you wanted to talk to me about?” Pomi climbed into the sandwich box.




” If not you will have to excuse me now. Call me when lunch is ready. Make my favorite salad.” pomiwat690

” Excuse me?”

” Please! Make my favorite salad, please!!!”

” I can’t. We’re out of cilantro.” My little crochet doll turned towards me looking rather displeased.


” We’re always out of cilantro “, he said pulling the cap over his face. ” Cilantro Nazi,” he mumbled and fell silent.