Pockets for Pomi?

“What are you doing?  Destroying perfectly intact garments again!”

            ” I am cutting the pockets out of these children’s trousers.”

” Why?

“Because a small child does not need  pockets. This kind of pocket just makes the trousers look bigger than they actually are.”

“Does it matter?”

” I think it does. Young mothers want their children to look nice and fashionable.”   

” And maybe the child wants pockets.”

” A small child has no use for pockets.”

” And you seem to think neither do I.”

“What makes you say that?”

” My trousers don’t have pockets. You did not sew pockets into my trousers!”

” Your trousers are not sewn they are crocheted.”

” Still: no pockets.” Pomi looked at me with a somewhat sad face and I promised myself his next pair of trousers would have pockets.  My little crochet guy got up and grabbed the pair of scissors that was lying on the floor and he tied a length of yarn to it.

” What are you doing with my scissors?” I asked.

” They are confiscated so you can not cut any more children’s garments into pieces. You can earn them back though. The scissors I mean.”

” I can?” I chuckled. ” How can I earn them back Pomi?”

” By making me a new pair of trousers. With pockets.”