“Manly?  I know how to be manly.  Look!”

Pomi  got up and started  to strike bodybuilding poses.  Holding his arms at almost right angles  he bent his knees and tensed his legs. “It is called the  “Front Double Bicep Pose”.    And this one? Do you know this one?”

Now Pomi was holding his front leg bent with his foot slightly pointed .  

” You have to flex your calves for this one.” I must have looked pretty puzzled because Pomi  started to laugh.

” You did not think I could do this, did you?  Look, now I am expanding my rib cage, I bend my right arm at about ninety degrees and the left arm I extend across the abdomen and  flex everything. It is called the ‘Side Chest Position’.  And this one is the ‘Rear Double Bicep Pose”.

Pomi had turned around and explained: ” It is like the first one but you have to keep your calves and hamstrings flexed. In fact you have to keep your entire body flexed.”

“That is all very interesting Pomi and you are doing great but one thing I miss.”


” The smile. You are supposed to smile . Bodybuilders always smile when they pose.”

” Smile? You call that smiling? Hahaha!”  Pomi was rolling on the floor laughing.                                      ” A constipated grin is what I would call it and no, I will not do that, I think I have had enough body building for one day anyway and  actually I do not like it because it makes your body look funny. I’d much rather do yoga with you.”

Pomi smiled at me. “And this is an honest smile.  Now I need to rest. I worked hard and I am exhausted. I am not a body builder. I am not cut out for it. ”

Pomi spread a cushion cover out on the floor, lay down, stretched out comfortably and while folding one leg over the other he said:

“This is my favorite pose.”