May I Have This Dance ?

” I am happy!” Pomi was bouncing around the room twisting his hips and swaying his arms.  

” I can see you are. You don’t usually dance around like that. What’s the occasion?”

” Your friend said she likes me.”

Pomi was now balancing on the back of one of my whicker chairs. 

” Why do you always have to climb things? ”

” You put that sleeve snake of yours up here so I have no choice.  I am trying to get it to dance.”

”  Good luck with that but I don’t think it will. Dance I mean.”

” Ok! How about this one over here then? ” Pomi had jumped onto  the coffee table and looked expectantly into the white porcelain face of an angel that adorned a music box.  “May I have this dance please?” The angel answered with silent porcelain perfection. 

” Everything is lifeless here. ” Pomi jumped off the table and landed on the floor. “Why don’t you   have any interesting things? There is no one and nothing to play with.” Pomi looked  around the room for a while and then he spotted the vase with the mini moose.

“Oh, maybe you do have something. What  is that up there on your desk? ” 

” Those are moose. Mini moose, tiny elk from Ikea.”

” Why are they squeezed into a vase like that?”

” I don’t know. It seemed like a good place for them to be. Let me….”

But before I could finish my sentence Pomi was up on the desk and gave the vase a push. It tipped over and the moose tumbled  to the floor.

” You were lucky the glass did not break.”

But Pomi did not hear me. He was back on the floor dancing around  moving the moose from here to there and there to here trying to get them to dance but they wouldn’t of course  so finally he sat down  
and after having arranged the little elk around him in a  half circle he started to sing:

” If you’re happy and you’re orange you’re a moose, if you’re happy and you’re  orange….”