The War Is On

“What is going on? Are you leaving the country?”  I was sitting in my garden reading the paper when  Pomi appeared, dragging a wagon behind him.


” No, although I can’t say I haven’t considered it.”

” Why? Are you unhappy here?”








” Nope. But I will be very soon because the ants are taking over your garden. They are everywhere. I am a small guy. How do you expect me to cope should they decide to attack me?”

” Attack you? Why? I assure you they won’t!” I tried to calm my little man.

” You don’t know that. Anyway, I thought before I pack up and leave I should try to eliminate the problem.”


” You come well prepared.”

” Of course. And do I have a choice? From what I see you’ve decided to ignore the situation.”

” No but…”

” Spare me the explanations, you lazy lady.” Pomi started to unload the wagon.










“If you had barricaded your home we would not be facing this issue right now. Did you seal cracks and crevices? No! And I am sure you ignored the scouts.”

” Scouts?” pomiwat507

” Lone ants. They look for food sources and when they find something they inform their friends that there is a place blooming with potential. You have to keep your home and especially your kitchen spotlessly clean and seal food in containers.”

” So what did you bring?”

” Natural weapons, I am going to put up defensive barriers.” Pomi smiled. ” Vinegar. And basil.”

“That is dried basil,” I voiced concern. ” Are you sure that is the right kind?”








” That is what I found in your pantry . Why don’t you grow basil in your herb garden?  Cinnamon sticks, bay leaves and cloves. Ants hate these smells  and  they will run away.”


” I hope you’re right. Ants are very stubborn.”

” I know and that is why I have here: plan B.”

” Plan B?”

” Corn meal.”










” You are going to make polenta for the ants?”

“Very funny.” Pomi gave me a disapproving look. ” I am going to put out the cornmeal and the ants will come and eat it. They are crazy about corn meal. ” 

” So you are going to feed them? Thank you very much.”
” No, but because ants love cornmeal they will eat it and take some home as well. Ants cannot digest corn meal properly so it swells inside their digestive systems  and kills them.”
” That sounds awful!”
” Oh, so you’d rather have your home and garden turned into an ant colony?”

” Of course not but are you sure it works?”

” Of course I am sure.  Look, they love it.” Pomi had put a handful of cornmeal on the floor and almost immediately the insects were drawn to the yellow granules.














” Ok, it looks like you’re right but what if you’re not? ”

” Then you will have fat ants.” Pomi giggled.


” I am serious!”
” Leave it to me, I am going to order some borax first thing tomorrow morning.”