After Valentine’s Day

“I’m not popular.” Pomi was sitting on the kitchen counter and he looked unhappy. pomiwat1138

“What makes you say that? Of course you’re popular.”

“I didn’t get anything for Valentine’s Day.”
“ Neither did I. “

“But everybody gets something.”
“ No, they don’t. Valentine’s Day is a commercial hype. It has got nothing to do with popularity. What were you hoping for? Artificial roses and heart shaped candy?”pomiwat1136

“Very funny. It’s a romantic opportunity.”

“You’re looking for romance?”
“ No, I’m not. I was just hoping for some attention. From you! You don’t seem to have time for me these days.”

“I am sorry Pomi. I have been kind of busy lately. But let me make it up to you. Let me make you some apple pancakes.”

“Sure, go ahead. I love apple pancakes.”   pomiwat1137

“Actually, why don’t we make them together?” I suggested.


“There had to be a catch.”