Daily Prompt: Unexpected Guests

“Heikeeee!” Pomi came running into the room. “ There is someone in the living room. A couple.” pomiwat951

“ Are you sure?”

“ Oh yes, very sure. They are sitting on your sofa and they are having cake. The cake you made for me this morning.”

“ That’s odd. Who let them in?” I got up to go to the living room. I wanted to see for myself what was going on there, and indeed, a couple was sitting on my sofa and indeed they were having cake. Pomi’s cake. His favorite. Chocolate with almonds.

“Good afternoon.” The two put down their plates and got up. “ We apologize for making ourselves at home like this but the door was open and since you advertised that you are selling an apartment we thought you left the door open on purpose. It is this apartment you’re selling, isn’t it?”

“ She did not advertise the cake!” whispered Pomi from behind my leg.

“ Yes it is. But what do you mean: the door was open?”

“ The door was open, wide open actually.” The couple answered in unison.

“ That’s interesting! Pomi?” I turned around and towards my little crochet guy who was standing there listening to the conversation.

“ Do you know anything about this?”

“Who, me?” Pomi looked surprised.

“Yes you, young man. Is there anything you would like to tell me?”

“ No.”

“ Pomi?”

“ Well, since you said we are going to move and you’re trying to sell the apartment, I wanted to help you. That’s why I opened the door, to let people in. But I did not mean for them to eat my cake.”

“Can you forget about the cake for a moment? We talked about leaving doors open, did we not?”

But Pomi did not answer, he just walked away, mumbling to himself: “ Ungrateful lady. I am not going to move anywhere with her…” pomiwat950