“Where did you run off to this morning?”

“I had a bus to catch.”

“You left earlier than usual.  It was pitch dark, freezing cold and there was not a soul outside.”

“How do you know? You were fast asleep. “

“No, I was not. The noise you made when you ran down the stairs woke me up. I watched you from the window and wondered why you had left that early.”


“I thought I was late. You could have said something.”

“Why? I was sure you had a good reason to leave that early.  Which brings me back to my question. Where did you run off to this morning?”

“I got up an hour too early. The alarm went off an hour early. “





“Who set the alarm?”

“I did.”

“Aha.”   pomiwat1094

“What is that supposed to mean?”












“You also forgot your friend’s birthday the other day. And you didn’t remember… ”

“ Stop it Pomi, I just got the date wrong.”

“Bottom line: you are beginning to forget things.”

“You make me feel old.”










“Did I say you are old?  I just said you are beginning to forget things.”

“Which is the same thing in the end?”


“Maybe. But there is hope. Vitamin C. Studies have found that is has protective properties against memory problems and loss of mental alertness. Citrus fruits are an excellent source for vitamin C. I hope you like tangerines.”