Snapshot Stories


Snapshot Stories

Open the first photo album you can find — real or virtual, your call — and stop at the first picture of yourself you see there . Tell us the story of that photo.


Pomi remembers:

when I opened my eyes for the first time I saw colors all around me. And yarn. I was lying in a yarn chest. Red, orange, blue, green, a lot of pink, there were colors everywhere, the sky above was blue. It was a picture perfect day with birds singing, crickets creaking and  bees and other insects buzzing by, everyone seemed happy, minding their own business. Except for a parakeet, which was sitting in a tree looking down at me with curious eyes.

“What are you?” The parakeet asked.

” None of your business.” I replied.

‘I am not sure.’ I wanted to add but something grabbed me and suddenly I was dangling in the air.

” What do you know, a naked little fellow.”  The parakeet sneered.
“Not everyone is lucky to have feathers.” I replied, painfully aware of my nakedness but the something that had grabbed me, pushed me a little, bent my knees and then my arms and suddenly there I was wearing a pair of jeans and a pink shirt.

” Who’s got the last laugh now?” I said happily to myself because the parakeet was gone.