Oh my God

Pomi had disappeared again. I found him in the garden.

pomwat899” Pomi, finally, there you are! I was beginning to lose hope. What’re you doing up there, tucked away in the wall like that?”


” You were losing hope? Don’t you have faith? And what are you doing here?  You were very busy before. Reading.”

” Yes, ” Man seeks God”, a very entertaining book. Great sense of humor. ”

”  I could hear you laughing  all the way up here. Did you find what you were looking for? ”


” It’s a fun read and I’m not looking for anything. But for someone who is, that book is not where they should be looking. ”

” Do you believe in God?”

” Yes, I do.”


” Did you ever wonder who came up with the idea of the crochet hook. After all you created me by means of this.”  Pomi was inspecting one of my favorite crochet hooks. ” I think it’s awesome.”




”  Well it’s a cleverly designed aluminum.”

” I guess. What does it make you though? A creator?”

” No. A creative person.”


” Yes, because creator means something entirely different. Can you define God?”

” God is one.”

” I am one too, one crochet doll.”

” It’s not the same. God is one means God is creator and sustainer. You are one in a different way.”

“Yes, you could create another one just like me, which makes me wonder…”

” What darling?”


” Anyway Pomi. God is strictly unique, inherently one and has no plural and no gender.. ”




“… and no one can create another one like him.” Pomi finished my sentence. ” I knew. I just wanted to see if you do?”