Poor Marius


“Did you see my rucksack?” Pomi came running into my workroom.

” Of course  I did my little darling.” I reached into one of my drawers. ”  You left it on  my desk the other day, maybe you could …”

” I know, I know but I don’t have time for that now.” pomiwat879








”  Oh, excuse me Mr.Pomi! May I ask why you’re in such a hurry and what you need the rucksack for?”

” I have to pack. I am going into hiding.” Pomi sounded nervous.

” Why do you want to go into hiding? And why are you so upset?”











” It’s because of Marius.” Pomi started to cry.

” The Danish giraffe? I don’t understand.”

” We are of no use to anyone. Marius was unsuitable for a breeding program so he had to die.”

” Pomi…! I tried to interrupt my little crochet guy. pomiwat878

” I am just a crochet doll and of no use to anyone either. Someone could have me unraveled, wind me into a ball of yarn and crochet my cotton remains into an ugly pot holder.” pomiwat884

” Pomi, stop, please! No one will have you unraveled! I would never allow it. ” But my little crochet doll did not seem to hear me and kept crying. I tried to calm him down but hours later I could still hear his tiny sobs coming from the yarn chest.


“Poor Marius!”